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I first “met” Frank Lloyd Wright’s work in 1975 during a college slide show about the history of art.  Many years later I was driving through Grand Rapids, Michigan, and immediately knew that I was passing a FLW house – the recently renovated Meyer May House.  I stopped to take a few photos, and ventured up the driveway to read a tiny sign.  I imagined it would say “if you can read this sign, you are trespassing.”  Instead, to my delight, it announced the house would be open the next day for public tours.


Somewhere along the line I purchased the 1990 printing of William Allin Storrer’s The Architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright – a Complete Catalog.  From then on, any travel would include a quick check of Wright structures in the area and I would take time for at least a few photos – and a public tour if available.


In 2009 I started compiling this information, combining my older film camera shots with newer digital pictures.  I have only an amateur’s interest in architecture, but Wright’s work moves me and there is no reason to hide all my photographs in an album only a few friends and relatives will ever see.



Includes furniture and windows